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Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Roy Fenoff,

“My sincere thanks to you for providing me Handwriting Examination Services for a Disputed Signature. Your views helped me a lot in my legal matter. I will never forget your help.”

C. L. Lakhotia
Nagpur, India



“I really appreciate your making the trip to Colorado Springs and your very professional testimony.  I would recommend your services to any colleague looking for an honest, timely and professional handwriting expert.  Your testimony was invaluable to my client’s success and your work ethic impressed our entire legal team” 

Lara L. DeCaro, Esq.
The DeCaro Law Firm, PC
Evergreen, Colorado



“Thank you very much for your efficient and very professional response. I was hoping for a different result, but most of all I needed to know if the signature was genuine, so that I could appropriately represent my client in the matter. I will keep your phone number and email address handy for the next time an authentication issue comes up.”

William H. O’Rourke, P.C.
Denver, Colorado


Mr. Fenoff,

“I was under investigation for forging a signature and I was referred to you. You were my last resort so I gave you a call. I expressed the urgency of this matter and I also stressed that I needed an answer within 48 hours. Your expertise and professionalism really came through and my case was dropped. I cannot thank you enough and I would recommend anyone in need to you. THANKS AGAIN!”

Marcus B.
Colorado Springs, Colorado


“Roy did outstanding work on our case. His analysis was thorough and strong. He completed the investigation in a very timely matter and resolved the issues. His online set-up made communication easier and the process much smoother.  Thanks Roy! Hope to work with you in the future!”

Koncilja & Koncilja P.C.
Pueblo, Colorado



“Thank you so much for analyzing the letters for court and for appearing for trial twice!  I appreciate all your help more than you know!”

Tanya Y.
Cheyenne, Wyoming


“Mr. Roy Fenoff’s work was prompt and thorough.  His analysis was invaluable in preparing a settlement offer for our client.  I would recommend his work to any attorney or individual needing accurate, fast and thorough forensic handwriting analysis.”

C. Jeffrey Thompson, P.C.
Salt Lake City, Utah


“Mr. Fenoff was very helpful and very professional when I retained him to help determine the author of threatening statements on a course evaluation at my University.  His results were extremely thorough and well explained, and he produced them in a very timely manner.  I would definitely recommend his services to anyone!”

Amanda Ruckel


Dear Mr. Fenoff,

“We greatly admire your level of expertise and professionalism in which you provided for the handwriting analysis of a business contract, which proved to be a forgery made by our client.  

We found this a very difficult & frustrating situation to be in but with your professionalism and expertise we were able to obtain credible evidence needed to clear the matter and to gain back our business credibility. In addition to your expertise, you truly cared about our situation and kept us at ease during the process. I recommend your services without any hesitation to anyone else having to deal with a suspected forgery. Thank You.”

Thank You,

K & D
Denver, Colorado


Dear Roy,

This letter shall serve to re-affirm my utmost confidence and appreciation of you, both as an individual, and also as a Professional...

Roy, it was you, and the notarized Professional Opinion you provided, that allowed me to approach the right people to reverse all the wrong that was being done to me and my previously un-tarnished Professional Reputation. Without you and others like you, the world would soon be consumed by darkness.

Thank you, Roy- you have put the light on Justice, and now I am once again able to focus on my Profession. You have played a great part in restoring my Professional Rights and I am eternally grateful to you for having faith and believing in me when I needed that.

In all Sincerity,

Robert B., D.D.S
Billings, Montana

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