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Welcome to Roy Fenoff's Forensic Document, Handwriting, and Consulting Services.
Colorado and Wyoming 's Handwriting Authority for Forged,
Altered and Questioned Documents.

I would recommend your services to any colleague looking for an honest, timely and professional handwriting expert. Your testimony was invaluable to my client’s success and your work ethic impressed our entire legal team!
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Evergreen, Colorado

Roy Fenoff, PhD, D-BFDE, is a Board Certified Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert who provides expert scientific advice and forensic examinations to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and law firms throughout the United States and overseas.

Known for his integrity and thoroughness, Roy has more than 15 years of scientific training and research experience which has enabled him to excel in the forensic document examination profession.

There are numerous kinds of questioned document and handwriting cases that require a thorough scientific analysis by a professional document expert. In his Forensic Document Examination Laboratory, Roy investigates and examines questioned document and handwriting related issues concerning:

  • Questioned Signatures
  • Questioned Handwriting
  • Altered and Forged Wills
  • Altered and Forged Deeds
  • Altered and Forged Contracts
  • Forged Stocks and Bonds
  • Counterfeit and Forged Checks
  • Forged Credit Cards
  • Questioned Medical Records
  • Notary Signatures, Stamps and Seals
  • Computer Generated Documents
  • Faxed and Typed Documents
  • Anonymous Letters and Notes
  • Threatening Letters and Hate Mail
  • Handwritten Bomb Threats
  • "Cut and Paste" Forgery
  • Altered Handwriting
  • Erased Handwriting
  • Obliterated Handwriting
  • Ink Analysis and Identification
  • Forgery and Handwriting Analysis
  • Writing on the Wall and Other Objects
  • Identity Theft and Identity Fraud
  • And many other situations…

If you have a questioned document or handwriting analysis issue, hiring the right forensic document examiner can make all the difference. Please give Roy a call for a free consultation at 307-399-5532 or e-mail him at

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